Sarll Metal Products

The Brief:

Sarll Metal Products are so good at what they do, they had become the UK based number 1 manufacturer of computer data center cabinets without ever having a website. In the summer of 2015, the decision was made, a web presence was needed, we were commissioned to design and build a site, produce a video and train the the IT team on CMS management.

They required a catalogue site to showcase their product design service, manufaturing capabilities and 'state of the art' powder coating services. The company employs a highly skilled IT design team, easily capable of uploading and managing the web content once trained in Joomla and with  telephone support when required.

A short video was produced as an ideal presentation tool to showcase their facilities.

Part of Sarll's unique selling point is their high quality production and extremely short lead time. Being based in the UK enables massive time savings over the competition. The decision was made to produce a unique and personal portrait of each member of the team ( over 45 ) to capture the individuals character and personality and then display the portraits in slideshows throughout the entire site. The portraits were all shot on-site around the workplace over a timespan of a week.

Flying Pixel also created a catalogue system to display all their products with downloadable PDF datasheets. The Joomla component called Zoo by Yoothemes was installed and configured for this task. The IT team were trained on using Zoo for the product catalogue and input the data.


  • Client: SMP - Sarll Metal Products
  • Technology: Joomla, Zoo, Video, Photography
  • SEO: Google analytics and webmaster tools
  • Training: Onsite and Telephone support


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