Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography

We specialise in:

  • Advertising Photography
  • Architectural Photography
  • Products and Pack Shots
  • PR, Editorial and Corporate Portraits

We strive to achieve the highest results for our clients by presenting their products and services in a unique and captivating manner.

I provide exceptional photographic & post-production services to my clients throughout the United Kingdom and Internationally.

If you’d like to have a chat about how I may assist with your next project, I’d love to hear from you.

Post Processing

We have used Photoshop since the day it was launched. Combined with old school photographic knowledge we can create images that are totally unique to you and your products.

The above images showing just some of the steps involved in creating the final artwork.

From initial creative concept, image capture, post processing and manipulation.

Completed in Adobe Photoshop, the final image was used online, in print advertising and exhibition panels.

Photographic Training

Photographic Training

Your companies need for photographic images may be high, especially if you publish a catalogue or have an ecommerce website.

It can reach a level where it is more cost effective for you to invest in photographic equipment and training for your staff.

We can help with

  • Equipment choices
  • Lighting Setup, especially if space is limited
  • Training your Staff
  • Advising on post processing & software
  • Making images web ready
  • Saving for print CMYK

Pat Spillane - Commercial Photographer CV

From a very early age in the suburbs of Sydney, I became focused on commercial photography as a career.
At the age of 13, I completed my first photographic course at the Sydney School of Graphic Arts.
Upon leaving high school I was fortunate enough to land a job as a junior photographer's assistant in a busy commercial studio in Sydney inner city.

Four years of Part-time study back at the Sydney School of Graphic Arts, Ultimo, while working with several of Sydney's top commercial and advertising studio photographers.

Pat Spillane Photographer at Flying Pixel ( Suffolk, UK ) 2007 - present

Pat Spillane Photography ( Sydney, Aust. ) 2001 - 07

Advertising & Commercial Photographer

Creative Vision (Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK) 1993-2001

I launched Creative Vision in 1993 as a creative, production provider, offering clients imaging solutions for communication and marketing needs, utilising the latest available technology to delivery the highest economically viable service.

The majority of the assignments during this period moved away from traditional film and chemical based photography into digital image capture.

New media presentations delivered on and off line, working with advertising agencies and design teams, providing relevant, fresh solutions for their clients. This also involved co-ordinating the development using new technology and overseeing the work flow through to finished art and/or programming for final delivery.

My work regularly included photographic assignments for magazine advertising editorials, brochures, on-line manuals, interactive CD archives, digital video presentations and QTVR projects.

Old Cannon Brewery Ltd (Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK) ‘98-99

In 1999, I launched a successful restaurant / micro brewery / pub with Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Bury St Edmunds. My role as founder and owner included inital concept and development of the business plan to securing finance.  Design and project management of the required construction and renovations and marketing.

F64 Photography (Cambridge, UK) ‘91-93

F64 photography was part of the design studio wing of a Cambridge based advertising agency Ware Anthony Rust. My role as a freelance photographer working in a Mac based design studio environment introduced me to the benifits of a digital workflow.

Peter Hampshire Photography (London, UK) ‘90-91

Peter Hampshire photography was the largest specialist car photographic studio in the UK up too it's closure in 1991.  My appointment as photographer involved being a part of, and later in charge of, a location unit photographing cars around the UK and Northern Ireland. 

Pat Spillane Photography (North Sydney) ‘85-89

Freelance commercial photography, working for a variety of medium to large advertising agencies around the North Sydney area, gaining some experience with the very first Apple Mac computers.

Moved to the UK in 1989, to gain photographic experience in London.

Thru The Lens (St Leonards, NSW) ‘83-85

Part of Adrenalin Marketing Ltd, TTL started as a small photographic studio servicing the needs of the agency. I was taken on as Studio Manager, running the day-to-day requirements of the photographic business, pitching for new clients, and managing the financial and administrative side of the company. I left to start up my own photographic operation.

Photographers Assistant (North Sydney) ‘79-82

Assisting Commercial and Advertising photographers in North Sydney, while attending the 4 year part-time Photographic certificate course at Sydney School of Graphic Arts.


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