Benefits of CMS websites

Benefits of CMS websites

  • Quick and Easy to Update
  • Web Experience not Essential
  • Searchable
  • Scheduled Content
  • Protected Content
  • Consistent Design
  • Extendable
  • Easy Backups
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Easily connect to Social Media Streams
Wordpress & Joomla CMS Systems
Quick and Easy to Update

Content Management Systems allow users to add new pages to a website with minimal effort. Your entire website is managed via your administration control panel where you can add new articles, pages, posts, images, polls and many other features via an intuitive interface.

Web Experience not Essential

Traditionally you would need to hire a web designer/developer to manage your website. Using a CMS eliminates the need to do this. Everything from the look and feel of your website to article management can be handled via your control panel. It is also a very cost effective way of running your own website as everything can be updated and managed by yourself. However sometimes you may be just too busy or come up a against a more technically difficult area - in this instance we offer a Pay as You Go system, where you can book one of our team to sit with you a help out on any aspect of your website.


Using a CMS will allow your entire website to be searchable enabling people to find content fast. The advantages of having a search system in place on your website will save users the time of having to trawl through static pages trying to find what they need. It makes for a much better user experience and is certainly less frustrating.

Scheduled Content

With most Content Management Systems you can post date articles allowing you to publish them on a certain time or day of the week. This is especially handy if you need to publish content at certain times but you're not available to do so – the CMS will update it for you.

Protected Content

A CMS can make certain pages viewable only to people you choose. For example, you can allow visitors to your website to view all of your basic articles but require registration for them to view premium content.

Consistent Design

Don't worry about creating new pages for every article as a Content Management System will automatically produce them for you. The article page will be created from a single template and, no matter how much content you add, you can rest assured the look of your website will stay the same.


Content Management Systems, such as Joomla and Wordpress, have an excellent resource of extensions allowing you to develop your website further and offer more functionality. There are hundreds of extensions available, including Ecommerce, Forums, Galleries, Social Media and so much more.

Remember you can easily install your own CMS from our database of scripts that come with your hosting account or we can install the script and customize it for you. You can add your own content or we can get you started and do this for you. We can also provide training for you and your staff in maintaining your cms system.*

If you have a web hosting account with us, then you have access to our library of software that enables you to install your own cms.
Most clients find that 2-3 hours help** on top of their own efforts results in a very professional looking small website.

* Wordpress Self Build Website (unlimited web hosting and unlimited mail boxes) £60, first year, then £50 annually there after. domain name registration fees vary, currently £10 for 2 years

**Technical suport £50.00 per hour

The benefits of using this system over other online self build platforms lies in the fact you are building on a scalable open source platform. This means you don't have all your efforts and data trapped in a system that may leave you having to start over again if your business were to grow or change direction. The cost of a additional features in a bespoke or commercial system could become an added burden to your company budget in comparison to the free extensions and plugins available to the open source community used by Wordpress and Joomla.

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