Creating an Akeeba Back-up of your Wordpress Wesite

If you don't already have any backup sftware installed in your Wordpress website, we would recommend Akeeba Backup. There is a FREE or paid for version available via the plugin manager.

There is only one copy of the website - the 'Live site', you are now editing  

It's a sensible and safe practice to take regular Back-ups of the entire site and database files, while editing Wordpress - When you are ready to take a Back-up of the site:
1.    Select 'Akeeba Backup' from the dashboard left hand menu
2.    Select the 'Backup Now' button

there is only one copy of the website the live site you are now editing

Select the 'Backup Now' button (again)

On the next screen, you will have the option to add a "Short description' and 'Backup comments'
1.    leave the both these fields as they are, as the default description is the date  ( which is all that's needed )
2.    Hit the 'Backup Now' button to start the backup process

select the backup now button again

Go and make a cup of tea

As it says on the screen "Please do not browse to another page unless you see the completiton or Error page
The Backup can take several minutes

go and make a cup of tea

Backup complete

1.    Click the 'Manage Backups' button to download the backup file to your computer

backup complete

Downloading Backup files

The 'Manage backups' control panel shows a list of the existing and deleted backup files, with the latest backup file at the top of the list
1.    To download the backup file click the 'Download' button relating to the backup version required
After selecting the 'Download' button navigate in your file browser to where youu want to save the downloaded backup file

downloading backup files

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

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