Backing up your Web Files & MySQL database

It is vital to keep a regular backup of your database. It may be that your database corrupts or someone make a error in deleting or in putting data. You may simply want to move your Joomla website. With a copy of your data base and the site files any of these issues can be solved in seconds. If you dont have this back up just think of all the hours you have spent inputting all the data on your website and then think about having to do it all over again!!

Step 1


Visit the FlyingPixel website and login to your account.

Step 2

choose the account to manage

A new window will open showing your account.
1 Choose Manage Web Hosting
2 Choose your domain to backup

Step 3


Look for the bar with the title Web Tools
1 Clicking on these arrows will open and close the panels
2 The Web Tools panel is open showing all the Web Tools
3 Click on MySQL Databases

Step 4


1 You will find the databases you are using listed here
2 Click here and your database will be download to your computer for you to safely store

Step 5


It's also important to back up your whole website and not just the database, so that you have a complete copy of all your images and custom extensions and components that have been added to your Joomla installation.
1 Within your control panel under the Files section you will find a Backup module - click on this

Step 6


1 Click create full backup

Step 7


A zipped backup file will be prepared, this may take a few minutes depending on the size of your site.
The next window will automatically appear

Step 8


1 Click on the download button and select the destination you would like the file saved to on your computer
2 This progress window will open automatically and your file will be saved to your computer

Monday, 04 February 2013


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