Adding Popup Images in Groups - Video

How to make a shadow box slideshow using the JCE editor

To achieve this you will need to have certain elements installed in Joomla:

  • JCE editor
  • The JCE extended image manager
  • The JCE mediabox plugin


The extended image manager  is a subscription plugin for the editor, if its not already installed with your editor a copy can by obtained by subscription from the JCE makers here. Login into your Joomla website, open any article and look for the image icon with the yellow star, if you have this, then you have the extended image editor.
Visit the plugin and look for the mediabox plugin, if you don't have that, it can be downloaded from JCE here

This lesson walks you through uploading new images, which resizes the images and makes the thumbnails.


Monday, 13 May 2013


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