SH404 for Joomla Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

  • Brief description of adding custom meta data to your Joomla web pages using sh404, assuming SH404 already installed and configured.
  • The following step show you how to individually customise Page Titles and Descriptions.
  • If you have many pages and don't want to customise every page in your site SH404 does a pretty good job automatically, but you can help it along - see last step for tips.

The home page meta data


Login to the backend of Joomla
under components find sh404

  1. click the url manager
  2. top right you will see a button for the home page meta - click

Home Page meta information


once you have clicked the home page meta button a new window will open

  1. add or amend your page title here
  2. add or amend your home meta description here
  3. save

Other Page Meta Data


Login to the back end of Joomla
Under components find SH404

  1. click url manager
  2. filter to com_content
  3. alphabetical list of your pages will appear

Adding the meta data to each page


  1. click on the chosen page
  2. a new dialogue box will open
  3. click on the Title and meta tags tab
  4. enter the page title here - this is what appears at the top of a visitors browser window, and is used by Google to identify what the page is about
  5. enter your page description here - use good english as this appears in the google search results and aid the visitor and Google to identify the page contents
  6. save

TIP 1 - category names can help you out


If you are going to let SH404 automatically create your meta data you can help make sure its giving you the best page titles by making your article category names and relevant to your business as SH404 uses the category names to work things out. i.e..
if you were running classes, don't just call your classes "classes", divide them up and identify more concisely calling them "yoga classes"or "pilates classes bury st edmunds"
SH404 will pickup all the nest category names, so subcategories are useful to add extra information

TIP 2 - appending and prepending all page titles


  1. click SEO configuration from the main screen

appending and prepending all titles


new dialogue box opens

  1. add text here - we use a pipe symbol and some spacing to make these additions more visually appealing
  2. add text here - we use a pipe symbol and some spacing to make these additions more visually appealing
  3. save
  4. this will add this wording to every page title throughout the website.
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