Top 10 Extensions for Joomla

1. The JCE Editor

jce editor

The essential WYSIWYG editing tool that allows you to add and create content for your Joomla website.
This editor is FREE and probably all you will ever need in terms of editing.
JCE does also have paid for extensions if you need extra options.

2. Akeeba Back Up

akeeba backup

Things can go wrong with any website. Just think of all the hours you have spent building and updating your website, then imagine loosing the whole lot!

  • Websites can get hacked,  it may distroy your site or add hidden links that will damage your online reputation with Google.
  • A plugin upgrade may be incompatible with your Version of Joomla to stop everything working.
  • If you forget to renew your hosting or domain name, its unlikely your host will be able to retrive your files.

With Akeeba Backup you can easily backup and download a copy of your website. Akeeba core version is FREE, the extra functions with the paid version are highly recommened.

3. NoNumber Extensions

no numbers

A whole suite of tools for Joomla all FREE. As your Joomla skills grow you will appreciate some of the more advanced options in the paid for versions. Special note to the FREE Sourcerer tool used for adding code such as that Youtube supplies and used in many of our lessons on this website. 

4. Jsitemap

jsitemap pro

When you need to:

  • take SEO seriously
  • create a large sitemap for Google
  • need your sitemap tool to recognise your multiple extensions
  • submit multiple sitemaps
  • connect to Google analytics and webmater tools

this is the tool.

5. Akeeba Admin

akeeba admin tools

All websites need to take security seriously. This suite of paid for tools protects your site against most threats and hardens Joomla's own security. A FREE less featured version is also available.

6. Edocman


When you have a large number of documents or product datasheets and need an easy to navigate and manage system, we always recommend Edocman

7. Ajax Popup Contact Form for Joomla

Ajax Popup Contact Form for Joomla

Not just for Contacts, build any sort of form.
Building forms has alway been tricky and now even more so with forms needing to work and look good across all screen sizes.
We love this fairly new Joomla module. You will need to play with the settings and read the documentation, but once you have these forms set up they look great on the desktop right through to the phone.
The same developer also has other handy modules for displaying Youtube and other social media channels.

8. Asynchronous Google Analytics Plugin

ga tracking

When you need to add your Google tracking code to your Joomla website. FREE

9. JCH Optimize.


Optimze and Speed up your Joomla website.

10. Slideshow CK

slideshow ck

An easy to use module that will produce responsive slideshows - FREE

Sunday, 22 November 2015

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