How to Upgrade Joomla or Wordpress

Do you need to upgrade your Wordpress website?

YES its vital in order to keep your website secure.

Do You need to migrate your Joomla 1.5 or Joomla 2.5 to Joomla 3?

You can upgrade these systems yourself, but it can be problematic, there may be an incompatible plugin or component that can stop the whole website working.

We take a safety first approach to all upgrades with the following steps.

  • We take a backup of your website, and run this on a local webserver where we check all the installed plugins and extension for compatibility with the version we are upgrading you to.
  • Configure error reporting, this helps us to identify any of the issues that arise at the upgrade stage.
  • Run either the in built upgrade facility or a 3rd party upgrading plugin dependent on the version of the CMS.
  • Work through any issues and check all the pages for any problem.
  • Check your hosting account to make sure you are running the latest secure version of PHP, if your hosts are unable to do this we will advise you on making alternative hosting arrangements.
  • Install this new upgraded version of your cms to some live webspace for you to check over and approve before we replace your old website.
  • Give you an backup of your old website for any future data retrievable.


Trouble Shooting & Advanced Tips

Major Issues:

Template incompatibility, it may be that the newer version of the CMS does not work well with your old template. If the template has been supplied by one of the template clubs or sellers there may be a free upgrade or you may need to purchase an upgrade. If those roots fail we can help you decide on a new template from any supplier you want to use or we can build a bespoke template for you.

There may not be a new version of the plugin you have been using, we will find a replacement and help to migrate your data.

If you would like our help in upgrading your Wordpress or Joomla website please get in touch for a free assessment and quote.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

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